Saturday, June 21, 2008

In a restaurant yesterday

So yesterday I am in a restaurant grabbing a quick bite for lunch. It was almost empty except for another table with two women talking about their family woes:

"My sister-in-law...really tired of all this...cheated on her husband...just disgusting...can't believe these people...I tried to tell her but...Cody was staying with his stepmom...she had booze all over the place...I'm not sure if I can take this much longer...she is pregnant with her boyfriend's baby
while her own kids...Hailey is starting to dress like a little s-l-u-t..."

Good thing she spelled slut. I would have been really offended by her profanity.

I wanted to say "Please, people. Shut the hell up. I'm eating." What I did do is eat faster and leave.

So what I didn't say yesterday, I say today. If you want to talk about your talk-show-fodder family life, do so in a corn field, soundproof room, or other place where other people can't hear you. I was embarrassed for you since you didn't have enough sense to be embarrassed for yourselves.

Disrespectfully submitted,


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