Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I miss Jim.

Jim Fietzer, storyteller and friend, moved to Chattanooga a few years ago and I don't see him enough. The last time I saw him we went paddling and stopped to get pie and hot cocoa on the way home, and we were throughly chilled. I set the camera down and took this timed picture of us. Jim is flirting with the waitress, but in a southernly gentleman sort of way that made her feel appreciated.

That's because Jim has a talent for making people feel good, like everyone would be interested in their lives, if they just had more details. Probably because Jim believes this with all his heart.

Then I left the camera on the counter. I had to go back and get it and we just barely made it before they left for the day. They were happy to open the door after they were closed because it was Jim, and they were delighted to see that friendly guy once again.

Anyway...I miss Jim. He's loony. The good kind of loony.

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