Friday, May 30, 2008

National Park Signage

My friend MK has a cool blog and she just posted a thing about weird signs found in the outdoors.

I thought about a few good ones from the trip Ian and I took a few years ago. He's a foot taller and his voice an octave lower. Otherwise, same goofy kid.

Apparently there is only one rattlesnake at Agate Fossil Beds.

Ian was smart and did not approach the bison.

Until this, I never knew we had a national grassland. But it's really cool.

I lost the picture of the sign telling tourists not to ride the bison, and also the sign telling tourons (tourist-morons) not to step off the walkway on a geyser basin as they might fall through into the scalding water. Then I saw a dumb young woman step off the boardwalk to take a picture of the sign saying not to step off the boardwalk. It's pretty graphic.

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