Thursday, April 10, 2008

My new, sweet, wonderful ride...

I love cycling, always have since my first Schwinn Stingray (gold) with a sparkling vinyl banana seat and a sissy bar in back. I progressed through a series of different bicycles over the years, and now...I've come full circle.

I have been lusting after a Rivendell for years, but only hard-core cyclists (or trust funders who think they are) can afford a Rivendell. They are works of art, and are worth every penny, and maybe someday when I retire I'll get one and ride across the U.S. or something like that.

In the meantime, I must go budget. That said, you can get a lot of bike for not a lot of money if you're willing to give up a few dérailleurs and freewheels and stuff like that.

The Schwinn Madison is a sweet, sweet ride. I got her last week, still in the box, and built her up Saturday night. I went for not one but two rides on Sunday, one with Stephanie and one without. Even out of shape and carrying ten pounds of winter lard, I still managed a 19 mph average speed for a nice 10-mile sprint around the lake. It made me feel really good...powering up those long hills without the benefit of lower gears...I dunno, it feels pure somehow.

The best part about a fixie is the quiet nature of the drive mechanism. No dérailleurs to purr and clank, no freewheel buzzing, nothing. Just smooth, direct, quiet power from my quivering, lactic-acid drenched legs. I can't recommend then enough. I somehow think my old Bridgestone crossbike is going to be gathering more dust this Spring.

P.S. One more reason to love Rivendell: The Tips for Happy Riding.


john said...


if you really need a rivendell call me. i have a connection with Grant.

kim jong ill
sales directer in bozeman

john said...

nice new bike by the way. i'm turning my cross bike into a single speed.

canoelover said...

Need a Rivendell? I don't need one. I just lust after one. I'll wait until the shock of two bikes in three months wears off the wife, which might take a while, but then I'll call you...thanks!