Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, I ate the Cretons...

Cretons and Moutard (left), Marmelade (right)

...and I didn't die. It was actually quite good. Sorta like Deviled Ham but with more texture. I added a little Moutard de Meaux because I like mustard on my ham, and frankly, I liked it fine. I hereby retract my prior statements.

The only issue I see is a marketing one. Canadians, in my experience, are not big on blowing their own horns, where Americans, for the most part, get winded blowing theirs. Having a label that says "Pork" doesn't sell. Having a label that says "Contains only the most delectable parts of content pigs" sounds more like an American product.

Which is why I tend to prefer Canadians these days. Thanks, Rosie.

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canoelover said...

Update: I had cretons again this morning. I am starting to develop a strong desire for socialized medicine and Timmy's.