Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Monday...woke up at 7:00, went back to bed at 8:00, got up at 10:00, went back to bed at 2:30, woke up at 5:30, went to bed at 10:00. A perfect day. I felt almost human.

Tuesday...rode the new bike to work over patches of black ice (close your eyes and think non-falling-down thoughts), took a hot shower to warm up, since it was 18 degrees when I left home. Immediately started digging through the mess of consignment POs and trying to get return authorizations to send product back. A few vendors made large, bone-headed mistakes, for the which I refuse to punish them, as that's bad karma, but I will be a little less willing to be flexible with them next year. Rode my new bike home. Sweet, no black ice, just water so my jersey was striped when I got home.

Wednesday...drove to work because Gracie was looking at me like she would just die if I left her at home another day. Did the same thing as Tuesday but got to play a few pranks on a few folks. Wrote some thank you letters and enjoyed the crazy cleanup that takes over the shop. Today I got to hand out some bonuses for the folks who worked the show, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Jeff and Darren, Quietwater Films.

Today I also got to sit down and talk to my partner, Jeff Bach, from Quietwater Films. We've finished three DVDs and we have three more in the works, only one of which I need to be intimately involved in. We have 90% of the funding and we can pull the trigger. We sold a ton of DVDs at Canoecopia and have three new distributors looking at them. We continue to break even at an amazing pace, which is fine for now.

Got home late, ate some great three bean salad my fantastically cool wife made. Rode the trainer while watching a DVD of Deep Space Nine (old Star Trek) with the fam. It doesn't get much better than that.

I am hereby fully recovered. :-)


mk said...

Are those Man-pris?

keester said...

sounds like (and looks like, from Whit's pictures) canoecopia was a great success. congrats. wish i could have been there to enjoy the madness.

canoelover said...

Yes, they are ManPris, and yes, I wear them proudly despite my chicken legs.

And yes, Ms. Keester, I hope you can come sometime and play with us that weekend. It's a lot like work but a LOT of fun. Besides, if you had come, you would have beaten Colorado 56-0 rather than 65-0 or whatever the drubbing was... :-)

Cat Pippitt said...

I'm just shocked at the green grass. When will we see that again?

mk said...

What's grass? Better yet, what's green?

Whitney said...

haha man-pris, it's too true, but not as true as the chicken legs, and yes I am easily amused.