Saturday, March 15, 2008

Off to the 'Zarks

I know, no one calls the Ozarks the 'Zarks, but I thought it sounded cool in a Ridgemont High Spiccoli sort of way. "Dude, surf's totally gnarly out at the 'Zarks."

For the record -- there is no surf at the 'Zarks.

The good news:
1) The trip is a write-off because I'm teaching a course on merchandising and customer service for the Paddlesports Industry Association. Zzzz.zzz......
2) We get to go paddling on the Current River.
3) We get to go see Elephant Rocks again.
4) There is a good chance we'll get some Spring ephemeral action. I'm dying for some Hepatica.

The bad news:
1) I have to teach a course on merchandising and customer service.
2) I still haven't finished my powerpoint for one of them, and haven't really started the one I need for the other one.
3) I don't really feel all that badly about 2). Really. Truth is, I've given this talk a bunch of times and I could do it in my sleep. I'm tired from 14 straight days of work and this is the second-to-last thing I really want to do.

I am not sure of that last thing I want to do, but I imagine it has something to do with Champions on Ice.

Never volunteer for anything ever unless it involves saving puppies or adorable toddlers from unspeakable fates. Nothing else is worth it in retrospect. I know, I'm overstating my point, but's so easy to say "Sure, I could do that." It's easier overall to say "Sorry, I need to polish my shinbones that weekend."


Whitney said...

Well I do recall in eighth grade you told me you'd rather be boiled in a vat of hot oil than go to Champions on Ice so...

Carrie said...

One more piece of good news is that Luke gets to take care of the Rats which he LOVES!