Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I miss my friend...

Gordon B. Hinckley died a few months ago. He was President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Prophet, but he was also my friend. I never met him personally, and while that might stop some people from calling him a friend, I can't let it stop me. His writings and sermons often felt like they were directed to me; not like a horoscope can apply to anyone ("You will feel a little tired tonight just before you go to bed"), but thoughts and words that told me something I needed to hear. He asked us (not just members of the church, but everyone) to "stand a little taller," to try a little harder, to be a little kinder. In a world where some so-called Christian leaders spew hatred disguised as righteous indignation, he was a breath of fresh air.

It's not fashionable to believe that someone is a prophet. Well, maybe so. I learned a lot from my friend Gordon and truly believe he was a prophet. I miss my prophet, but more importantly, I miss my friend. We'll hopefully go for a paddle sometime, assuming (and rightly so) that there will be canoes in the hereafter. Wouldn't seem right without them.

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