Friday, February 01, 2008

Words cannot express...

Two very random but cool things happened to me in the past few days.

First random thing: The folks at Vibram sent me a new pair of Five Fingers. These are the KSOs (Keep Stuff Out, or perhaps another S-word if you're among outdoor reps), so named for the cuffs that will keep sand/stuff/s--- out of your shoes. They look weird but they are basically like walking barefoot without worrying about stepping on stuff. Since I would rather be barefoot or wear mukluks/moccasins, this is perfect for me.

I wore them around the house tonight, suppressing a strange desire to ribbet.

Second random thing: I have been trying to find a wood floor refinisher. I called all the guys in the phone book, but frankly didn't think much of them since none of them returned my phone calls. So I checked Craigslist and found a couple of guys who do floors. I figured it would be worth an email, and within a few hours they wrote back, and would come see me the next day. They shown up this morning, and since they had their stuff they just started working once we agreed on a price (less than the big guys, thats for sure).

When I came home from work, I saw this in progress...

I told them to play around a little with the hallway, have some fun. They are clearly having a good time.

It's nice to meet guys who work so hard and love what they do. When he asked me what I did, and I told him, the first think he said was "Do you love it?" I said, quite truthfully, that yes, I do love it. He smiled and said, "That's awesome."

Yes indeed. Awesome describes it perfectly.

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Craig (mars-hill) said...

The new KSO's look awesome. We reviewed the original FiveFingers last year (in fact, I'm wearing mine now) and this seems to solve the major design flaw. Good stuff, Vibram.