Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Goldsworthian Effort...

I have long admired Andy Goldsworthy for his amazing art, using only items found in nature. Be it stone, leaves, bark, sticks, or whatever, his art is among the best I've seen irrespective of media.

A week or so ago we began to grow these giant icicles on the front of the house. I started breaking these babies off and sticking them into the snowbank in front of the house. It soon became a quasi-obsession...anything longer than two or three feet was snapped off and jammed into the snow. It was pretty cool, but I had another idea.

I found an old trouble light, stuck a compact florescent bulb in the snow and plugged it in.

The results speak for themselves. It looks REALLY cool.

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Carrie said...

Luke loved it (his mom did too)-- very creative.