Thursday, January 17, 2008

"I don't trust the way it moves..."

Fans of "The Office," both American and British versions, will recognize the ol' stapler in the jelly prank that Tim/Jim play on Garreth/Dwight. The SITJ prank was replicated, because Ian wanted to do it, and Jeff was a good victim.

We did not, of course, take Jeff's beloved Swingline 777 in maroon, as that would have been wanton destruction of company property. So we took his second-tier stapler and suspended it in a jelly. It was fun, and trickier than you might think, requiring several pours to achieve the proper suspension effect.

Jeff is plotting his revenge. Ian better watch his back.


mk said...

That is HILARIOUS and I can't wait to find someone to get with this one!!

Nice work. Can I call you for tips?

Whitney said...

I really can't believe you did this without me..
I also can't believe you didn't snag the Swingline 777. Go big or go home.