Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun day skiing at Gov. Dodge State Park

Since our state park stickers expire tomorrow night at midnight, we figured we'd make the best of it and use 'em up before the new year. I waxed the family skis a few days ago and had them scraped and ready to go, so we tossed them in the Thule box and headed southwest.

It was fun. We took the Meadow Valley Trail, a 6.8 mile loop that goes through some lovely woods, fields, and meadows, with wonderful views of Twin Valley Lake. There were some really nice climbs and at least one wicked downhill. Whitney had a friend along, Kirsten, who had never been on skis before. She was amazing...never on skis before and she was bombing down hills like she was born wearing them. Ian did a great job his first time on his "grown-up" skis. Whitney and Stephanie did great, of course...though Stephanie had a glorious wipe-out that put snow in places that snow normally doesn't end up.

The best part of the adventure was, of course, the post-ski trip to the Red Rooster in Mineral Point. This is an old restaurant famous for Cornish food, specifically, the venerable pasty. We ate well, and enjoyed a quiet, digestive ride back to Madison.

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