Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finally some winter here...

It has been a glorious fall, but a rotten winter. Just last week it was in the 50s and gorgeous for cycling, paddling, etc. etc. For skiing, not so much. This is the first snow that actually stuck, but I would say it is as much like snow as the stuff on the top of my head is like hair; it might be the facts, but it sure ain't the truth.

Still, it is lovely. I went outside to take the pumpkin picture and there was a downy woodpecker honking his way up and down the silver maple, but he was so backlit I couldn't get a shot of him, so I just stood there and enjoyed his or her honking and poking. The simple life of a woodpecker...sounds good sometimes.

We're also watching a few neighbor dogs for the Thanksgiving weekend. There's Abbi, a regular around here, and a relative newcomer, Ziti. She lives next door but hasn't stayed overnight yet. She had a relatively quiet night, and is still trying to figure out why she's not 75 feet to the west on her own couch, looking out her picture window. Still, she's enjoying the attention she's getting. I do NOT want two dogs, but I can see how some people would.

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