Friday, November 09, 2007

Back from Florida...

...and the weather was nice. The board meeting went well, people seem energized and ready to get some work done. We have a way to go, and I was elected to the executive committee so now we can do nefarious things behind close doors (not).

There were butterflies and dragonflies, usually both are long gone by this time in Wisconsin. It was fun to see them this late in the year.

The weirdest thing about Florida is that it was gorgeous outside (70s and sunny) and there was no way to open windows, and the air conditioners were running at full tilt. One of my presentation rooms was set at 66 degrees. I asked one of the hotel staff if they always keep meeting rooms cold enough to be meat lockers, and she said, "Yes sir, it gets awfully hot down here in Florida." "But not today," said I. "Yes, but it does get hot down here."

I gave up after that. I did sleep on the balcony of my hotel room one night. It was the best night sleep I got all week.

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