Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's amazing what a few bucks can do...

So my friend Elizabeth quit her high-powered job with a major manufacturer of outdoor equipment to move to Cambodia and do non-profit volunteer work. The charity she is working with is called Cambodia Tomorrow, which provides resources to help underprivileged youth who are working hard to get an education despite their circumstances.

L to R: Prum Rim, Chhiev Kim Hak, Sok Neardey, Um Vanndeth and Kim Srouch.

The University Boys are a group of young men who are attending University in Phnom Penh, all orphans who were befriended by Elizabeth and her partner while they were in High School. These five young men needed only the most basic necessities, and for a few dollars they are easily provided. I donated funds to purchase a water cooler to provide them potable water, something that we all take for granted. It warms my heart to see these boys so happy about something we all think is an entitlement.

If you want to donate to Cambodia Tomorrow, you can go to their website here and donate. Specify your donations to the UNIVERSITY PROGRAM. They take Paypal.

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