Saturday, October 20, 2007

Got the first cut of the tandem footage yesterday...

...and all I can say is that Christina, our editor, can make even me look good. She has put together some lovely footage. I can't wait to get it all finalized...hopefully by Christmas.

This weather is causing me to go a bit nuts. It feels like Spring, not Fall, so I am fighting the impulses to clean everything in site. I am doing the standard maintenance work on my canoes (oiling the gunwales, getting them ready for bed, repairing gelcoat chips or tightening loose hardware), but I'm trying to do just that.

It is not working. I bought a bunch of clear 12 gallon containers yesterday at Staples and I'm starting to reorganize the gear. After a couple of decades in the outdoor business, I'm embarrassed to see how much stuff I have that I didn't know about, even after giving away a substantial pile of gear. Maybe it is time to get some clean-up done.

One thing I learned for sure this iteration...I need clear containers. Some folks don't like the visual clutter that comes from clear containers, but I'm Mr. Visual Guy so I need the ability to see through containers. Labels are all well and good, but when I'm looking for a dry bag, I want to see the dry bags.

Time to go offer some oil to the gunwale gods. D

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