Saturday, September 15, 2007

20 canoes and a Cross Country Invitational

This morning came early...I dropped Ian off at school at 6:05 AM so he could ride the bus to Milwaukee for a Cross Country meet...his first official race. I went back home and grabbed a bite, showered and met Dave from Nova Craft at our warehouse to unload canoes. I couldn't ask the staff to do it on a Saturday, it's already busy for them, so I just met Dave and we made short work of a load of twenty boats. The it was off to Washington Park.

There were a dozen schools there, and there were six races, Freshmen, JV, and Varsity for men and women. Lots of young, thin people running around and a lot of leathery older folks who are obviously coaches or parents who run too. It was Ian's first race, so our goal (his goal) was to finish, hopefully under 30 minutes, and not walk any part of the race. He finished in 28 minutes and didn't walk. We are very proud of him...and more importantly, he's very proud of himself. Now we start whittling away at his time. 22 minutes by the end of the season seems like a good goal.

He's now upstairs sleeping it off.

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