Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's the middle of the's finally raining...

...and I can't sleep. I spent a good chunk of the day working on the Rec Kayak DVD that I'm producing with my business partner in Quietwater Films, Jeff Bach. Video production is, well, a lot like work, but I'll have it done for the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. We leave Tuesday. Nothing like last minute production issues to ruin an otherwise good afternoon.

Then again...there's always this to look forward to:

I had a great Monday off last week. Besides the paddling, the biking was excellent too. The Badger State Trail is the newest rails to trails bike path to open just a few miles south of here.

We rode about 20 miles or so, and enjoyed the 1200 foot long tunnel (except when I ran along the side of the tunnel, which was sorta cool too except for the road rash).

Wisconsin is rich in these sorts of trails. It's one of the reasons I love it here so much...recreation is everywhere. The butterflies, the Queen Anne's Lace, the little bridges over tiny little spring-fed creeks, it's all gorgeous.

The video was shot with my little digital camera, so it mostly sucks, but it was fun anyway. If I ever figure out Vegas, I'll be able to edit the two clips I took together to recreate my brush with death inside the bowels of the earth.

Hansi from Wenonah Canoe visited us on Wednesday. The new stuff for 2008 looks great, can't wait to see it in person at the big show. It's always fun to hang with Hansi, we spent a few hours working on a spreadsheet to calculate pricing, it was geeky fun (and useful too). Playing "what if" with a spreadsheet is fun, I think, but I am a twisted sort of person who thinks statistics are an enjoyable pass-time.

The rain keeps coming...I think it's time for bed...

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