Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from Salt Lake...

...and the show was great...a lot of cool new product for 2008.

We passed out our Beagle Awards (given to our manufacturers and reps who do an outstanding job) and they were well-received. Wenonah/Current Designs won two, one for Hansi (our rep), who got the Most Face Time Award (he lives at my house more than his own, I think), and Bill Kueper, the new Sales Manager for Wenonah/CD, the James Brown Hardest Working Man in Show Business Award.

I am also bidding goodbye this week to a faithful companion, my Bahiya. which is going to her new home in Michigan. Wonderful boat, but too heavy for my ever aging back, so I'm going carbon and not looking back. She was a wonderful kayak and will be again for her new owner.

The queen anne's lace is blooming, it's wonderful.

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